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Getting Started with the Realm Mobile Platform

Take a deep dive into the Realm Mobile Platform. You’ll learn the key features of the platform and how to build a Realtime application with it on both the iOS and Android Platforms.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Deploy the Realm Object Server to Linux cloud container.
  • Use the Realm Object Browser to generate Realm Model Classes from an Existing Schema.
  • Create Realm powered client apps on Android & iOS, examining live sample code and demonstrations.

We’ll finish with covering some of the key features of the professional and enterprise editions.


Eric Maxwell Eric Maxwell is a Product Engineer at Realm. He has spent over a decade architecting and developing software for various companies across many industries. His current focus is training, mentoring, and mobile development. He has developed and taught courses on Java, Android and iOS. When he’s not working, he enjoys time with family, traveling and improv comedy.

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This white paper covers the components of the Realm Mobile Platform, how they work together, as well as implementation examples and use cases.
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