Common Architectures with Realm Platform

Design powerful architectures that drive realtime apps by using the Realm Platform

Video Description

Application architects are challenged by today’s customers to bring reactive and offline-first apps to market. Many times they must integrate with other legacy systems that persist in their software environment.

Ian Ward, Solutions Engineer for Realm, will walk through a variety of common software architectures and how to plug the Realm Platform into them with the least amount of disruption. It will cover everything from greenfield app designs to integration with legacy APIs and databases.

Architectures Discussed:

  • Realm Platform Only
  • Realm Platform + APIs with Node
  • Realm Platform + Node
  • Realm Platform + DB
  • Realm Platform + APIs without Node
  • Realm Platform + Web Browsers


Adam Fish
Ian Ward
Ian is a Solutions Engineer at Realm, where he helps clients integrate the Realm Platform into their mobile app architectures. He has a strong background in solution design and entrepreneurship, having previously been one of the first field engineers at start-ups Meraki and Mesosphere working with enterprise accounts.