Data Modeling Best Practices with Realm

Advanced Guide to Unlocking Realm’s Full Potential

Webinar Description

Realm isn't a SQL database, nor is it an object relational database. Instead, it takes the best of both worlds by working with live objects to minimize fetching, and makes querying easier. As a result, it enables you to quickly build reactive apps incorporating real-time collaborative features, and offline-first experiences.

This presentation covers the essential aspects of implementing Realm into your app, including how to appropriately model your data structures, convert relational concepts to object types, and to leverage Realm effectively when scaling your app.

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduce the core concepts of Realm data models in contrast to SQLite
  • Discuss the concept of Realm databases, Realm files and synchronized Realms
  • Talk about features of the Mobile Platform, including User Permissions


Tim Oliver
Tim Oliver
Tim hails from Perth, Australia! He has been an iOS developer for 6 years, and has deep experience working with Realm data models in his own apps, as well as helping others with theirs. Tim has a cool app called iComics and he loves karaoke! He does, in fact, also sometimes have the problem of too many kangaroos in his backyard.


Ian Ward
Ian Ward
Ian is a Solutions Engineer at Realm, where he helps clients integrate the Realm Platform into their mobile app architectures. He has a strong background in solution design and entrepreneurship, having previously been one of the first field engineers at start-ups Meraki and Mesosphere working with enterprise accounts.