4 Design Patterns for RESTless Mobile Integration

Integrating Mobile Applications to Existing APIs with Realm

Presentation Description

For mobile development teams, one of the biggest challenges is performing proper integration between mobile application and backend systems. At the core of this challenge is the ability to quickly expose existing infrastructure to the mobile delivery channel, while minimizing changes to the backend infrastructure.

For enterprises, solving this challenge is a key part of their digital transformation journey. Those who enable quick and reliable mobile integration will have the opportunity to build meaningful digital relationships with current and new customers.

In this presentation Adam Fish, Director of Product at Realm, discusses 4 design patterns that enable developer teams to create seamless integrations between their existing APIs and their mobile applications.

Key takeaways from this presentation include:
  • Architectural understanding of four cutting edge design patterns for mobile integration.
  • Practical solutions and workarounds for dealing with the inherent design flaws of using REST APIs.
  • A full grasp of how Realm creates fast and seamless integration between mobile apps and backend systems.

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Adam Fish
Led by Adam Fish
Adam is the Director of Product at Realm, where he manages the product development for currently supported mobile platforms and upcoming new products. He has a strong background in entrepreneurship and software development, having previously co-founded Roobiq, a mobile-first sales productivity app used by sales teams worldwide.
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