Integrate Realtime Chat into any Mobile App

Enabling Realtime Communication for a Better Support Experience in Mobile Businesses and Enterprise

Presentation Description

When shipping software, providing customer-friendly support can sometimes make or break the experience of a product. As software continues to rely more and more on online services, many software vendors now integrate real-time messaging into their products in order to provide the best support experience possible.

For businesses that rely on time-sensitive data for their daily operations, deploying apps that integrate secure and persistent chat is often a key requirement. However, implementing real-time messaging that is both secure and reliable is often very complex and time-consuming.

Realm changes all this, making it very easy to implement a realtime messaging architecture using the synchronizing capabilities of the Realm Platform.

This Presentation Covers:

  • A discussion on what a good messaging implementation looks like, and what features it needs to implement.
  • A demonstration on this sort of implementation using the Realm Platform.
  • A dive into the source code, and a discussion on how this system was implemented using Realm.

This Presentation is Led By:

Tim Oliver
Tim Oliver
Tim Oliver hails from Perth, Australia and has been an iOS developer for 6 years. He has a cool Realm-powered app called iComics and loves to teach others about using Realm in their own apps too! He also loves karaoke.
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