Mobilize Your Legacy APIs with Realm

Simplify the mobile app stack and shift the burden of API communications from the app to the Realm platform.

Webinar Description

Unlock your legacy APIs with Realm and set your mobile developers free to build exciting new collaborative apps with realtime features at scale.

If you spend much of your development time writing code to integrate legacy APIs and network failure resiliency code instead of focusing on building unique user experiences, this webinar is for you.

Adam Fish, Senior Director of Product at Realm, shows you how integrating the Realm Platform into your apps moves the burden of API communications and poor network connectivity to the Platform.

Realm seamlessly and automatically synchronizes, in realtime, on the server and across all devices. As a mobile developer, you get to work with always-up-to-date data as “live objects.”

This Discussion Covers

  • The Legacy API Environment
  • APIs and Mobile Networks
  • Realm’s Simplified Approach to API Handling
  • A demo of the scanner app using IBM's Watson APIs


Adam Fish
Adam Fish
Adam Fish is Senior Director of Product at Realm, where he manages the product development for currently supported mobile platforms and upcoming new products. He has a strong background in entrepreneurship and software development, having previously co-founded Roobiq, a mobile-first sales productivity app used by sales teams worldwide.
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