Reactive, Offline-first Apps for the Mobile Workforce

Achieving field readiness with Realm

Presentation Description

Being ‘field-ready’ means making sure workers have access to the people, processes, systems, and data they need to do their job at all times, and in all locations. Mobile workforces empowered by field service software that delivers these features are able to deliver customer services productively and efficiently.

To achieve field readiness, enterprises must implement solutions that tackle the three core challenges of mobile integration: offline ready (offline-first), data synchronization, and backend system integration.

Join us as we discuss ways in which organizations can work around these challenges and ease the pain of developing mobile infrastructure, allowing them to turn their focus to UX, design, and to leveraging their business data. We will also demonstrate how the Teamwork demo app implements Realm to solve these challenges.

In this Presentation We Cover:

  • The business need for field-ready apps that are reactive and offline-first
  • The three core challenges organizations must solve to achieve field readiness
  • Overview of how Realm solves and abstracts these challenges

David Spector
David Spector
David Spector is a Product Manager at Realm, where he creates demo apps for Realm partners and the general developer community. He's an experienced developer, writer and entrepreneur specializing in iOS/OSX/mobile software and infrastructure development.