Discover Realm Studio: The Universal Tool for Realm Developers

Manage Your Synced and Local Realms

Webinar Introduction

Learn how to use Realm Studio to easily manage and monitor the data in your Realm Database and Realm Platform in an interactive webinar led by Kræn Hansen, Software Engineer at Realm.

Realm Studio brings powerful data exploration tools from the Realm Browser together with the ease-of-use and universal access of the Realm Dashboard — so that all our users can use it, on any platform, and regardless of whether you are using Realm Platform or Realm Database alone. Open local and synced Realms and manage users, and watch your server logs in a great desktop app.

Realm Studio is completely free! Try out Realm Studio for macOS, Windows and Linux and join the webinar for a guided walkthrough.

This Video Covers:

  • How Studio integrates with the Realm Database and the Realm Platform
  • How to manage local and synced Realms
  • A Q&A for all your technical product questions

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Kræn Hansen
Led by Kræn Hansen
Kræn is a Software Engineer at Realm, based in Copenhagen. He started at the young age of 12, before he even knew it was called programming. He received a master's degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Denmark, and specializes in TypeScript (JavaScript / ES2015 with Types) using React.js and various other libraries and tools.
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