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How Mint Uses Realm to Securely Store Personal Financial Data

Presentation Description

As the amount of sensitive data that is captured, shared, and stored by mobile devices grows, the incentive for malicious actors to find vulnerabilities within the tools that store and manage that data becomes ever larger.

It's a trend that poses risks for all organizations that handle or store user data, and one that presents unique challenges for organizations operating in highly regulated industries like finance, health, and government. To address these challenges, mobile developers must implement the highest security standards and ensure that user data is secure during all transactions and states.

In this presentation we will discuss how Realm helps developers meet these requirements. We will be joined by Ian Ward, Solutions Engineer at Realm, and by Peter Fong, Software Engineer at Mint. Peter will tell us about how Mint meets security requirements and ensures their users can access and manage their finances securely regardless of their device, connection, or location.

This presentation will include:
  • How Mint secures data with Realm
  • An overview of Realm Platform’s security features
  • A Q&A with Ian Ward and Peter Fong

    Ian Ward
    Led by: Ian Ward
    Ian is a Solutions Engineer at Realm, where he helps clients integrate the Realm Platform into their mobile app architectures. He has a strong background in solution design and entrepreneurship, having previously been one of the first field engineers at start-ups Meraki and Mesosphere.


    Peter Fong
    Guest: Peter Fong, iOS Developer at Mint
    Peter is an iOS Software Engineer at Mint. He co-founded TackCube, a mobile marketplace for buying and selling listings, and has over 5 years of mobile development experience at companies like and Razer.
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